Release Notes Hero

Release Notes Hero

Release notes before 20th of November 2020 are only available in the Dutch language.

5 march 2021

Show Plan line information:
Hero now also shows the plan line information.

1st  december 2020

Completing Task:
It is possible by using the swiping gesture to complete a task in Hero! This swipe action is configurable in Coral. In Coral you can set the parameter ‘finishable’ to on or off to control this.

Form Value:
We experienced a situation where a value entered in a form was deleted. This problem has been resolved.

Scrolling in Windows:
Some improvements have been made for the Windows version of Hero.

Deleting Task:
It is also possible (like for the completion of the tasks) to delete tasks by using the swipe gesture in Hero. This swipe action is configurable in Coral. In Coral you can set the parameter ‘swipeablerecords’ to on or off. After this is set to on, you can swipe and remove tasks this way.

20th november 2020:

Complete Button:
The complete button can be set to inactive. The color to indicate that is (grey). If set to inactive, no tasks can be completed anymore. This setting can be configured in the application Coral Control.

Double booking of Hours:
A situation could occur where you could create a double hour booking. This situation has been resolved.

Customer name in task information:
It is now possible to show the customer name in the task information.

List additional/extra(overig) has sorting
This list now as the possibility to sort.

Paste in Windows:
The functionality for pasting in Windows is repaired.

Scrollbar added:
A scrollbar is added in Hero, so that it becomes clear to see how long your list is.

Saved Time – hour line.
With every change to an hour line, we now save the date & time. This can be relevant for business intelligence purposes*.

Computation of Total(s) figure:
A problem could arise when registering during the change of daylight saving time ( winter time / summer time). Computation of totals was incorrect as a result. This has now been resolved.

Expanding registration on Android:
Expanding registrations on Android works again
* You can ask your PCA representative about the possibilities of Clark reporting!

N.B some of the names in these note may differ from the actual names in Marlin / Coral due to different translations so these notes are intended as an overview of new changes not a technical specification.