Release Notes Marlin Project

Release Notes Marlin Project

This page contains the release notes of Marlin Project for the production environment. In the upcoming Marlin project release for production the following points will be resolved:

Hereby a list of dates and new / resolved functionality at that date:

Release notes before 4th of february are only available in the Ducth language.

15th April 2021

Automatic reschedule:
An error message could show up during an automatic reschedule. This has been resolved and the message will longer appear.

8th March 2021

Dependences while filtering:
When filtering a project, dependencies where no longer visible. This problem has been resolved.

Dependency at planned task:
Now it is also possible to create a dependency for a task that is already planned.

Filter functionality:
The filter functionality doesn’t work for the project manager. This functionality has been restored.

Move project:
It is also possible to move a project now. The question now arises if underlying tasks have to be moved as well as this will prevent many manual actions from the user/planner. (See Automatic planning)

Removing a task:
Removing a task wasn’t always going as planned. This functionality has been restored.

4th February 2021

Making a new project:
While making a new project, without selecting another project first, a task was created erroneously. This error has been resolved.

Availability task:
The availability of a task remained active after de-selecting the task. This error has been resolved.

Check on changing address:
The check on changing the address wasn’t strict enough, which could result in errors. This has been changed.

Lead time:
Lead time could be changed, when there were sub-levels. This should not have been possible. Now you can’t any longer change the lead time, preventing problems.

Making changes in sublevels:
The functionality for making changes in sublevels didn’t work as expected. The functionality has been restored.

Extra messages with deleting a Project:
Now an extra message appears when you want to remove a Project. This prevents unwanted removal of a Project.

Filtering on Offer:
It is possible to filter on an Offer: (English screenshot below)

Filtering on Project group:
The functionality for filtering on project group has been restored.

Functionality for automatically spreading tasks:
Functionality has been added for automatically spreading tasks. Ask your consultants about the possibilities:

Button schedule automatically:
The button ‘schedule automatically’ was always visible even if the module wasn’t activated yet. This functionality has been restored.

Adding milestones and deleting them:
Adding and deleting a milestone didn’t work. This error has been restored.

Expanding Project/Work-order/Task:
Depending on the user setting, all levels of a project can be expanded or collapsed or just one level.

Planning third-party:
It is possible to plan a third-party based on shift time instead of planning period.

Planning period indicator:
Planning ‘period indicator’ start cannot be placed beyond the end indicator and vice versa.

Entering / Changing planning period:
When you change the planning period via the ‘edit’ screen, you are prompted with the question if you also want to apply the change in the underlying sublevels of what you selected.

Creating a project with the same project code:
When you deleted a Project and re-uploaded the same Project again (with the same external code) this resulted in error. The problem has been resolved.

Added Project class:
The projects now have got a reference that shows that Projects are Project tasks. This will make sure that only Project tasks will be shown in Marlin Project.

Planning a Project:
When manually planning a Project, visits were also created on times where a task or blockade was already present. Also the duration of the planning wasn’t shown correctly. These errors are now resolved.

Moving a Project:
While moving a Project, an error could arise that resulted in other projects not being able to move any longer. This problem has been resolved.

Deleting a Project:
Deleting a Project resulted in error. These problems have been resolved.

Deleting a Project and immediately creating a new Project:
After deleting a Project, it wasn’t possible to immediately create a new project.

Moving a Task:
Functionality has been added to move a task up or down within a ‘Work order’.

Planning Teams:
It is possible to plan a team via Marlin Project. Please ask your Consultant for more information about this functionality.

Filtering & Grouping at the same time:
Filtering & grouping at the same time wasn’t possible, it is now.

Change – Planning Constraints – Resources:
Resources can be changed for each task/fase or Project.

Skill marked as red:
When a Project was opened for the first time a skill would be displayed with a red marker. This problem has been resolved.

Field Project group: 
Field ‘project group’ was visible on task and Work order level while it shouldn’t have been. This has been fixed.

Moving period indicator:
When moving a period indicator, an error could occur resulting in data not being changed. This problem has been resolved.

In various screens translations were missing. These have been added.

Updating progress percentage:
When modifying / moving your (project /  work order / task ) bar and applying ‘Automatic reschedule’, the progress percentage wasn’t properly updated. Only after refreshing, the percentage was shown correctly. This problem has been resolved.

Showing week numbers:
In Marlin Project, you can now see the week numbers!

Changing the (plan) duration:
After changing the duration, the save button wasn’t shown as active. This problem has been resolved.

Changing Planning Constraints – Resources:
When changing resources, an error occurred. This has been resolved.

Searching on skills:
Now it is possible to search on a (specific) skill. This simplifies added information.