Release Notes Marlin Service

Release Notes Marlin Service

 This page contains the release notes of Marlin Service for the production environment.

In the upcoming Marlin Service release for production the following points will be resolved.

Release notes before 18th of March are only available in the Dutch language.

20th may 2021

Appointment/Blockade edit:
When manually adjusting the appointment time, it was not saved and the previous block time filled. This functionality has been restored.

Blockades and Exchange:
The link between a blockade in Marlin and Exchange (Outlook) could cause problems when using repetitive blockades. The basic structure for storing blockades has been changed.

If you add a new blockade, the creation screen is the same:

Blockades with a recurrence pattern get 2 other tabs: Instance and Series

Instance shows the information of the opened block
Series shows the information of the series of repeating blocks

Service types Marlin:
The service types were not always displayed correctly within Marlin. This functionality has been restored.

Description planrule:
The description of the plan rule is now also visible in the unplanned task list

Plan proposal time-out:
A time-out could occur when requesting a plan proposal. This problem is solved.

Display cross icon:
The cross was not correctly displayed in Marlin’s display menu

22th april 2021


When scheduling automatically, the appointment is not automatically filled. This functionality has been restored.

15th april 2021

Start & End time columns :
The start and the end time columns were not always visible in the activities tab. This is resolved.

Extrainfo2 column:
The extrainfo2 column was sometimes visible in the unplanned tasks list. This is resolved.

1st april 2021

Removing Blockade:
Removing a blockade could result in a system crash. This is resolved. 

Settings are lost:
Various reports have been received where settings were erroneously changed after logging in again. We have improved saving the settings to prevent these problems.

Re-allocate a task:
When re-allocating a task with a different duration an error message could arise. This error message was ‘No resource available’’. This problem has been resolved and the reallocation of the task will be handled now.

Save changes: 
With different reading actions it was possible that you would see a message ‘Save Changes ’. The errors in the situations that we could reproduce have been fixed. This message will no longer show up and is resolved.

18th march 2021:

Re-allocate Task icon:
The re-allocate Task icon (semicircle) wasn’t always visible in the unplanned tasks list. This functionality is resolved.

Planning re-allocate tasks and removing them:
While planning and removing a follow-up task, this no longer showed up in the unplanned task list. This functionality has been restored.

View task appointment data:
While requesting to see the view task message, the appointment information wasn’t shown to the user/planner. This functionality has been restored.

Invalid orders:
It was possible to create a situation that yielded invalid orders. These were made during planning. This problem has been resolved.